Camelot unrestrained: Celebrating Update generated terrain

Arthas craned his neck to look at the body of the horse he had named Invincible. He would let them all think it was an accident, because he could not bear to tell anyone what he had done.

Camelot unrestrained latest update is called “100 hours of glory,” but may take “Hear us roar,” the subtitle. While traditional hype train shunned, and many up and coming game title, CU team has put everything today’s very low-key …… 100 hours until the collapse of free server uptime, and Terrain system successfully showroom -received program produces.

Especially the most noteworthy is what does this mean for the Camelot unrestrained development cycle:

This system will allow us to quickly create large areas of terrain, then can be further adjusted to make them better. We have promised you folks a big world, with this system, we can achieve this commitment, but it does not have to hire people to build content to break the bank.
You see today is not what you’ll get the Beta version and later. We do not even have the 1.0 version of the system, not yet. We have not even begun to build out the varieties of grass, shrubs, trees, etc., biological community composition, you will see in the game. The best way to think about what you will see is its version 0.1, not version 1.0.
This system is scalable, based on a person’s hardware. You do not need the latest and greatest, over the top graphics card to play our game. OTOH, we intend to ensure that our supporters are very powerful system will be able to expand things accordingly.
This system allows us to create a forest look, feel and act like forests. Even in V0.1, our forests have started similar types of forests, which will be on our game combatants and artisans are important. And there are not many games, including MMORPG game, which I’m like ours would.
Everything you see can be changed in real time in our game. You’re playing the map update you can play, whether it is through changing land conditions (for example, a title field), a developer, or a little further on the road, through Veilstorms, heat spells, etc. How is it effective? Although this feature has long been in the stand-alone game, there is little real MMORPG games have been able to do, what we can do today, let alone what we can do further down the road.
Update went on to say that next week at a yet undetermined date, the team will host a special live stream event, Mark just said, “it is a very important.” We will keep you informed on this point.

Online sorcerer Wrath: Thunder wins update is now live

Arthas couldn’t feel his face or limbs, but somehow he managed to move toward the beast. Every
breath was agony, and he welcomed the pain. This was his fault. His fault. He took the great head in his lap, and for a brief, merciful moment he wasn’t sitting in the snow with a wounded beast, but sitting in a stable while a broodmare gave birth. For that moment, everything was all just beginning, and not coming to this shocking, sickening, avoidable end.

Allods Online team has announced the deployment of Wrath “Thunder victory” update sorcerer. The patch includes heroes, anger new wizard, the new wild shore and 3V3,6V6 rated fighting arena. Rated wrestling and fighting arena will have leaderboards and game play.

Combat rules are simple: two teams entered the arena to fight to the death. The first team to beat all their opponents to win and win rating points and incentives for all members of the winning team. If the battle time over 20 minutes, the game ends in a draw – no reward.

To join as combatants – this can be any time of the day – you need to set the search interface assembly level of the team 65 characters.

Other land Early Access Delay: Enter the US server

Were those not signs of the curse? Iskar did not want to believe so. Rukhmar adored Viryx. She was blessed. Wouldn’t the sun god protect one so gifted as Viryx from the curse?

Drago entertainment free play Risen other land-based sci-fi MMORPG close the popular novel of Ted Williams, the early steam scheduled visit will not be released Wednesday. Although the updated page is still steam, he said: “August” early access, no precise date was set.

Of course, this is for the upcoming game fans disappointing news if you live in the West, the reasoning may actually be good news for you. Drago Entertainment has finally listened to the feedback, the players in the West has been given for several months, and spin up US servers.

Looking for a new game features, video and possibly announce a new release date later this week from the development team.

Criminals launch of the first game screen

True to their word, the boss key production team has this morning released the first official video game for the upcoming Nexon title criminals. Indeed to them, we got our first glimpse at the 4-character type of players will be able to get their hands on this weekend at PAX and what kind of taste in stores grapple play in this expansion of gravity of the world.

Cliff Bleszinski from criminals and boss key to make the upcoming competitive FPS games. Has a team-based, action from any angle, its characters and spaces Manipulate gravity to create the game a unique, energetic style, reward skill – no streaks.

He revealed that in the new lens is four characters:

Fox – assassin who is very good at close quickly gain an advantage by high mobility.
Breacher – a gunner this is a “Jack – – all – deal”, and specializes in fighting in almost every field.
Mavericks – a skirmish professional death from above by a rocket pack.
Chronos – Titan brings powerful battlefield unmistakably using his rocket jumping higher trailer above.
Stay tuned for information on the official website, you can enter how the upcoming testing phase.

ASTA Coming to Webzen Later This Year

Webzen have announced that the mmorpg “ASTA”, developed by Polygon Games, will be available on later this year. Webzen recently signed their latest partnership with developer Polygon Games in order to bring the Asian fantasy mmorpg ASTA to Western players through their global gaming portal.

ASTA – The War of Tears and Winds is a lively MMORPG featuring a rich world inspired by Asian culture, and offers a unique element of Asian fantasy along with vibrantly coloured graphics. ASTA will offer players a variety of options for races, classes and characters, along with classic MMO features like PVP battlegrounds and guild battles, a broad crafting system, scenarios and quests with rich lore, a player-driven economy and rewarding dungeons.

In line with the ‘Asian Fantasy’ theme, ASTA also features a moving soundtrack. This will incorporate a harmony of Eastern and Western instruments, composed by ‘Yang Bang-ean’, a world-famous composer responsible for the soundtrack of the game ‘Aion’.

Richard Sunmyoung Moon, Head of Global Business at Webzen, states: “We are very pleased to bring this new game to MMO enthusiasts in the West through our portal. Having years of service experience with free-to-play MMO games, we will work along with the developer to continuously localise and develop the game for the Western market. We will announce a schedule for the title soon, and reveal more details regarding the lore and the game systems, as well as some truly stunning in-game assets.”

More information on ASTA will be announced on the official Webzen website.


RuneFest 2015 Sold Out in Record Time

Jagex Games Studio creators and custodians of the fantasy MMORPG, RuneScape have announced that tickets for this year’s RuneFest fan convention have now sold out! Tickets for the event, which takes place on Saturday 3rd October at Tobacco Dock in London, were released just four weeks ago and have been snapped up by RuneScape players from countries across the world. In 2014, the same number of tickets were sold in six weeks.

Approximately 50 percent of tickets were purchased using RuneScape Bonds, rather than real-world currency, compared to 40 percent in 2014. Which if you ask me, is really, really cool.

As with last year’s event, players who have been unable to secure their tickets in time will be able to watch the proceedings live via RuneScape’s Twitch page. RuneFest 2015 is shaping up to be another exceptional showcase. This autumn’s event will be an Invention-themed steampunk spectacular with undertones of vampyric darkness, and will include exclusive reveals, Q&A panels, the legendary ‘Golden Gnome’ awards that celebrates fan-made videos about RuneScape, and other celebrations of all things RuneScape.

Up-to-date information about RuneFest 2015 can be found on the official web page.


Here’s what Blizzard are sending their most loyal players to celebrate ten years of World of Warcraft

If you’ve been subscribed to World of Warcraft for the ten years (without breaks), you could be in for a treat. Blizzard have sent a mysterious package to their most loyal players, and today we can finally see what it contains.

A giant metal statue of an Orc riding an equally giant wolf.

World of Warcraft player “Smitti” posted the picture above on the games forums for all to see. When asked how long he’d been subscribed to WoW, Smitti proved his worth. “[I’ve] not had a lapse since Dec 04.” Smitti said. “Oh and a few more specifics. It’s a metal statue with a metal base. Weighs a few pounds. Stands about 8 inches tall.”

The base of the statue holds some significance, as that’s where you’ll find this personal message from the Blizzard team:

“The Orc statue is a constant presence in our life at Blizzard Entertainment. It’s where we meet to talk, to eat, to celebrate. As we celebrate ten years of World of Warcraft, we present this token of our appreciation to you, stalwart adventurer. Thank you for being a constant presence in our lives as we adventure together.”

Recognise the statue from somewhere? Well you should – a life size version of it guards the gates to Blizzard’s HQ.

Are you a lucky owner of one of these lovely gifts?


WoW Tokens have already shed almost a quarter of their value

It’s only taken a single day for Blizzard’s WoW Tokens, which can be redeemed for World of Warcraft game time, to dip in value. WoW Tokens can be purchased for $20 or 30,000 in-game gold. The latter of the two prices can change with the in-game market, however, and it has. You can now buy WoW tokens for almost 25 percent off their original price.

A day after launching a WoW Token is worth about 22,631 gold instead of the original 30,000. The implication is that a lot of Auction House entrepreneurs had the same idea: buy a bunch of WoW Tokens and then sell them in-game for quick, legal gold, devaluing them as the tidal wave of game time tokens saturated the market.

22,631 isn’t really a lot of gold, either. For a new player, it probably seems like an impossibly huge number, but this is a 10 year old game experiencing a second wind. There are a lot of players, and a lot of max-level characters with big bank accounts.

The dip might be temporary, or it might continue – World of Warcraft’s economy might not mimic the real one to the same degree as EVE Online, but it’s just as temperamental.



Today, after an update by the ever-timely folks over at massively, I was made aware of a title I had never heard of: Crowfall. A new MMO with very little to herald its coming, potentially exciting given the genre’s current outlook. Of course that warranted further research and so I ended up on their fledgling webpage, eagerly looking for a vision or mission statement which turns out, is impossible to miss –

If you’re here, it’s because you’re looking for something.

Something deeper than a virtual amusement park. More impactful than a virtual sandbox. More immersive. More real. A game where decisions matter.

We are, too. We’ve been looking for years, and we still haven’t found it…. because it doesn’t exist. Yet. [source]

…Now, not so eager anymore. BARF? Quite a mouth full for something that hasn’t even begun to earn some street cred. And look I get it, creators need to market their games with big words that inspire even the most disenchanted and cynical audience to new hope, but promising weathered MMO players a game that is deeper than any themepark, more impactful than any sandbox and erm, more immersive, real and meaningful than anything that was before (because of course no one has really tried hard enough yet!), that’s not just an amazing summary and quasi denial of almost every persistent MMO conundrum ever – it’s setting yourself up for failure in the most comical ways. This introduction speech just made me feel ancient.

Of course there’s nothing to back up the astronomical claims as the front page goes on to explain how Crowfall is “not THE game; the name of THIS game is “rampant speculation” – I don’t even know what that means. Is THE real game called Rampant Speculation….? AND WHAT’S WITH THE CAPSLOCK? But fret not, if there’s any reason to doubt the developers sanity at this point, there’s a few heavyweight industry names at the forefront which is all you early adopters require to know, anyway.

If such a thing is possible, I am now even less interested in Crowfall than I was before I heard of it. Maybe I am just having a very grumpy day – or maybe going bigger isn’t always better.


It took no more than 10 days for Columbus Nova, new owners of the late SOE, to announce their first layoffs at Daybreak consisting of former MMO staff members from Austin and San Diego studios, including figureheads such as director of development Dave Georgeson, lore expert Steve Danuser or CM Linda “Brasse” Carlson.

Don’t stop loving the games folks. These are your homes and worlds. Make ‘em real. I want to play too. :)

I am perplexed. There go knowledge authorities and community figures that have steered the hype train for this next generation of Everquest games and especially Landmark, for months and months. And sure, it takes many excellent people to develop MMOs but let’s not kid ourselves – when you remove the lead singer, drummer and lead guitarist of a band your fans have come to love and follow, you are basically leaving that audience with a corpse. And you don’t care.

If there was any trust left in me when I wrote about my EQN misgivings yesterday, it has been shattered with the layoffs of Dave G. and team, people who tirelessly engaged with the community on the forums and signalboosted Landmark builds on twitter ever since alpha. They all deserved so much better than this.

Games I’ve seen nothing to convince me to stay. They cut the heart and soul out of LM and EQN with one swift blow — Del The Insane (@DelTheInsane) February 11, 2015

This is another dark day for MMO players. Anyone who believes this could be a potentially positive thing for Landmark and EQN’s development (because the guys calling the shots behind Daybreak have all these “awesome and fresh MMO ideas”?) will sadly come to regret it, I fear. Nobody who has earnest plans to continue a project and legacy like Everquest and gives a damn about the community would just lay off the know-how and trust owners of the franchise. Re-asses strategy? – Okay. Re-organize management level? – Okay. But the fact that core team members are not kept around to consult on further development is all you need to know.

I’ve been an unwilling herald of bad news lately and so be it: I foresee no future in which the EQN that we’ve got presented at SOE Live 2014 will come to completion. Daybreak will cut their losses and either really release EQN status whatever “in the near future” as announced, or this project will be shelved Titan style within another three to six months, maybe to be disemboweled and re-purposed. And by the gods of Norrath, I hope I am wrong!