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Camelot unrestrained: Celebrating Update generated terrain

Arthas craned his neck to look at the body of the horse he had named Invincible. He would let them all think it was an accident, because he could not bear to tell anyone what he had done. Camelot unrestrained latest update is called “100 hours of glory,” but may take “Hear us roar,” the […]

Online sorcerer Wrath: Thunder wins update is now live

Arthas couldn’t feel his face or limbs, but somehow he managed to move toward the beast. Every breath was agony, and he welcomed the pain. This was his fault. His fault. He took the great head in his lap, and for a brief, merciful moment he wasn’t sitting in the snow with a wounded beast, […]

ASTA Coming to Webzen Later This Year

Webzen have announced that the mmorpg “ASTA”, developed by Polygon Games, will be available on later this year. Webzen recently signed their latest partnership with developer Polygon Games in order to bring the Asian fantasy mmorpg ASTA to Western players through their global gaming portal. ASTA – The War of Tears and Winds is a […]

RuneFest 2015 Sold Out in Record Time

Jagex Games Studio creators and custodians of the fantasy MMORPG, RuneScape have announced that tickets for this year’s RuneFest fan convention have now sold out! Tickets for the event, which takes place on Saturday 3rd October at Tobacco Dock in London, were released just four weeks ago and have been snapped up by RuneScape players […]

Here’s what Blizzard are sending their most loyal players to celebrate ten years of World of Warcraft

If you’ve been subscribed to World of Warcraft for the ten years (without breaks), you could be in for a treat. Blizzard have sent a mysterious package to their most loyal players, and today we can finally see what it contains. A giant metal statue of an Orc riding an equally giant wolf. World of […]


Today, after an update by the ever-timely folks over at massively, I was made aware of a title I had never heard of: Crowfall. A new MMO with very little to herald its coming, potentially exciting given the genre’s current outlook. Of course that warranted further research and so I ended up on their fledgling […]


It took no more than 10 days for Columbus Nova, new owners of the late SOE, to announce their first layoffs at Daybreak consisting of former MMO staff members from Austin and San Diego studios, including figureheads such as director of development Dave Georgeson, lore expert Steve Danuser or CM Linda “Brasse” Carlson. Don’t stop […]

Red Ash Game And Anime Project Revealed

This past weekend, Comcept officially pulled the curtain on their next project, Red Ash: The Indelible Legend. Going back to Kickstarter, Inafune and his team are working on their next game now that Mighty No. 9 is nearly complete. After last week’s tease, the team talked about their new ambitions for the project during the […]